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Newcastle Chronicle’s puzzling photo choice

Today the Newcastle Chronicle posted a story online about the first multi million pound Proton Beam Therapy cancer treatment centre to be built in England, at Earth Balance, Bomarsund, Northumberland.

The first thing I noticed was the image being linked in the Twitter story – that doesn’t look like the Bomarsund I know…

The gallery attached to the story has an assortment of photos, six of which are equally baffling:


A summer house in the Stockholm Archipelago:

An earth walled house in Mexico:

Lakeside cottages in the Cotswolds:

More Cotswold lakeside houses:

Cabins at a Cotswold holiday park:

Another Cotswold lakeside lodge:

The remaining images do, in fact, show Bomarsund, but what these additional photos are doing there is anyone’s guess.  Was someone at the Chronicle looking for holiday inspiration, and accidentally uploaded the wrong folder of photos?