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Colour matching the theme headers

Last time I talked about customising the banner text to display an autosizing transparent logo, instead of the default site title and byline text. In this edition I’ll continue the customisation by replacing the header background images too.

The twentythirteen theme comes with three background images pre-installed. These all use a limited autumnal colour palette, which blend into the default colours of the theme itself.

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Customising the WordPress twentythirteen theme

I’ve been blogging on and off for approximately twelve years now, although I’ve been somewhat lapse lately.   My old self built blog hasn’t been updated since 2009, and the tumblr I started hasn’t been getting much attention either.

To spur myself on, I figured I’d do something I’ve meant to do for ages – install WordPress.  Thankfully this was pretty easy, as I’ve installed it before.  After about ten minutes of downloading files and fiddling with mysql admin tools, I had a fresh blog:

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