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Kinder Surprise Pink/Blue

I saw these Pink and Blue “Special Edition” Kinder Surprise eggs today. I have mixed feelings about it as I really don’t believe in gender stereotyping toys, but again it means that I can now buy a blue egg safe in the knowledge that it won’t contain a crappy movie tie in figures with little play value. It’s unclear whether the cars will be the decent flywheel powered sort that they used to have in the 80s, however.

On Eating Roadkill, the Most Ethical Meat

Ethically speaking, we should all be eating roadkill.

Not just us carnivores, either. It is the perfect meat for vegetarians and vegans, too, provided their objections to meat are its murder or its environmental implications and not because it’s icky-gross. The animal was not raised for meat, it was not killed for meat; it is just simply and accidentally meat — manna from minivans.

Modern Farmer – On Eating Roadkill, The Most Ethical Meat [via]

&e7’s Chilli Care Instructions

I’ve copied these instructions from my old site, as I noticed the URL was still getting lots of hits – please note I didn’t write them, and was never any good at growing chillies myself, but it’s still useful information!

Chilli Plants – Care instructions

These plants are incredibly easy to look after. There are only really two things that you need to remember in order to keep them alive.

  1. Water them regularly.
  2. Keep them in a well-lit place.

I’ve found that Chilli plants are pretty robust and can take a little abuse, but if you look after them well, they’ll grow even better and in return they’ll reward you with more and better chillies.

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