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Race the Sun and the Not On Steam Sale

Flippfly made the rounds on the gaming news after they blogged about the trials of selling their game Race the Sun when you’re not on Steam.

Rather than just hoping that Greenlight would work out for them, they’ve launched their own Not on Steam sale of indie games that aren’t (yet) available through Steam – most of them are still sat in the Greenlight queue, which is somewhat of a mixed blessing for indies.

Ironically, Steam themselves then went and greenlit a bunch more games, including Race, so hopefully things will pick up for them.

Race the Sun is a furiously addictive twich arcade game that can currently be bought for the sale price of $5 (about £3) on the sale’s page and is well worth the money. There’s also lots of other great games too – with up to 50% off each one, you can pick up a fair few bargains, and be safe in the knowledge that most of them will give you a free Steam key if they ever do make it through Greenlight.

Anyway, I’m heading back to piloting my solar powered glider, and trying not to smash into every frigging obstacle along the way!